• "My local library was a second home for me as a child. I discovered so many treasures in the library and to this day, I still feel a sense of peace and wonder every time I walk into one."

    S. Michele Chen
  • "I received my first library card in elementary school and was amazed at all of the free books available to me. I still find it magical to visit the library and consider all of the reading possibilities."

    Yvonne Ventresca
  • "Nothing will replace the feeling of first getting lost in a library, looking up in a haze after you've spent hours looking down into a book. Every writer was first a reader, and those lovely memories of long afternoons spent in stacks is something we all cherish. We write in the hope of someday creating that same experience for someone else."

    E.A. Aymar
  • "I learned to read at an early age, so out of all the students in my first grade class, I was allowed to check out books, an honor I never forgot.  I remember my librarian, Mrs. Anderson, saving a book for me and saying, 'Look, Jane!  A new book by Dr. Seuss!'  It was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a book I read every year to all the students in my own library, pleased to be carrying on the wonderful tradition of librarians everywhere: sharing the delight of a good book."

    Jane Tesh
  • "From the time I learned to read the library provided me with an escape from an unhappy childhood, introducing me to new worlds and new possibilities that gave me hope for a brighter future."

    Lois Winston


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