• "I am so grateful for libraries and the love of reading that they promote."

    Annette McGivney
  • "Wherever I live, the library becomes my second home. Walking through the doors, I know that there are books calling to me that will make me laugh, stir my passions, and comfort my heart. And the people you meet there are wonderful."

    Wendy Jones
  • "I got my first library card from the Flemington (N.J.) Free Public Library many years ago, and still feel that same sense of possibility when I enter a library — that here, somewhere, is the answer to all of life’s questions. Of course, what I’ve discovered is that each answer typically begets MORE questions, which means I’ll never run out of reasons to visit the library."

    Linda Ashman
  • "My local library was a second home for me as a child. I discovered so many treasures in the library and to this day, I still feel a sense of peace and wonder every time I walk into one."

    S. Michele Chen
  • "I received my first library card in elementary school and was amazed at all of the free books available to me. I still find it magical to visit the library and consider all of the reading possibilities."

    Yvonne Ventresca


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