• "Libraries are the foundation for learning."

    Mark Davis

  • "My earliest book memories began in the 1940s when my mother took me to the small Flushing Library near the Long Island Railroad station. What joy there was, selecting an armful of books to take home. That was the beginning of my love of reading."

    Alice Simpson

  • "I grew up in the public library of my home town, and I can't imagine what my childhood would've been without it. We need libraries to flourish so kids and adults have a safe haven to escape the world and explore the world all at the same time."

    Michael J. Bowler

  • "The door to the library is the portal to other worlds."

    Christine Sparacino

  • "My local library is a second home - I write in the quiet areas, I borrow books for myself, and bring my kids in to ask the wonderful children's librarian for help picking the right books. I love talking books with all of the librarians."

    Natasha Sinel


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